• Once had hair down to my chest that I grew out with the intention to donate, and did

• Have taken several one-way tickets on planes outside the country

• Drove 15 hours to Nashville, TN for some hot chicken, only to immediately drive back afterwards

• Uploaded one video to YouTube which now has 1 million+ views

• Possess two Bachelors degrees in fields totally unrelated to photography

• Named in a haste fashion, which is a name my Ma regrets (I think that’s funny)

• Fell asleep on a ferry in Hong Kong, and woke up in a completely different country [Macau]

Here are some fun facts about me:

I am Will DeGraw.

My Ma calls me “Willie” but most don’t. Virginia is where I grew up, very close to our nation’s capital. It is certainly a place I adore and often miss. Life would oddly have it that I am a Miami Dolphins and a Florida Marlins fan; most people just feel bad for me when they find out.

Using words such as: reckon, shawty, pop, & fetch are all normal to me. Minnesota is where my feet are currently, thus home for now. Other than the weather, culture, landscape, having fewer people, no traffic, skyline, good eats, and my best friend - it isn’t that much different than Virginia. Ya know, just a few things.

About Me.

This is what I refer to as my virtual legal pad where I throw up pictures and jot down some thoughts I have been having…

If you want to really learn more about me, check out my Creatively Disheveled page.

I began professional photography a bit over a half-decade ago. My work started out in journalism, street, and editorial genres. Within a couple years, I was completely enthralled by and pursuing wedding photography exclusively. My start came out of a strong desire to freeze moments in time and utilize them as opportunities to reflect on at a later date. That desire naturally lends itself to wedding photography as documenting the day is filled with those special moments. 

Why and when did you start photography?

Coming from a broken home, and being a son to parents with several marriages between them, I perceive the opportunity to shoot weddings as redemptive for me. Both my biological parents are huge supporters of marriage in their own right despite having not had a successful marriage together. Being a wedding photographer holds a very significant and immense amount of sentimental value to me; a whole lot.

Why weddings or engagements?

I really happen to love where I am from, but love that I have had the opportunity to live in many different places in the country - *shrugs*

What do you love about where you live?

Throughout the week, I go on many photowalks. I’ve been fortunate enough to develop (pun intended) a great deal of love for film photography, and have acquired more film cameras than I need. I also shoot film at weddings. Other than that, I read a lot, write a lot, and am working on publishing a series of photobooks. Competitive boxing is something I take part in, and have followed since I was a young boy.

What are your favorite things to do when you’re not working?

I am here to serve & support you.

There is nothing else I've ever wanted to do more than 'getting' to document love stories.