a bit about me

I am Will DeGraw. My Ma calls me "Willie" but most don't. Virginia is where I grew up, close to our nation's capital. It certainly is a place I adore and miss often. Being a Miami Dolphins and Florida* Marlins fan is tough to explain, but most just feel bad for me after I admit it. Hey, I love our Washington Capitals though!

Using words like: fetch, pop, reckon, and shawty are all normal to me. Minnesota is where my feet are, and thus home now. Other than the weather, culture, landscape, fewer people, skyline, good eats, and my best friend - it's not that much different than Virginia. (just a few things)

A handful of years ago I started pursuing photography. Like many others, it was all street and landscape stuff. When I began documenting people more, my heart fell hard for capturing genuine moments between people and generating classic & timeless images. That is where I find myself now.

I'd love to get to know your love story & romantic tale more. Reach out, and share it!