Let's Document Yours.

There is nothing else I've ever wanted to do more than 'getting' to document love stories.

Shooting film photography is something I'll do at your wedding... it's worth it.

...these are my favorite parts of a wedding day.


...the seconds, minutes, and moments before he sees her...


...the atmosphere is drenched in anticipation, the groom standing and awaiting his better-looking half...


The bride’s dress is on, her gals just anxiously sent her to see her groom...

Let's Document Your Story.

From the start of your inquiry to the first anniversary, and beyond, I am available to you. If you have a question, a concern, or just want to check-in on something, have at it. Wedding planning is tough enough. I want to be a resource throughout the whole process.

Working with me is easy & effortless.

If you want it to be planned and assigned by me, we can do that. If you want it to be at a sentimental location, we can do that! If you want it to be in nature, but also some in a city, that’s doable, too. Your engagement session is where we’re going to have a lot of fun, familiarize getting your pictures taken by me, and make some memories that are unlike anything else you’ve experienced. 

I will make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable, but most of all having fun!


I want you to know that in the moments where you’d like me to take charge, give direction, and lead, I will. Other than that, I will merely exist on your wedding day documenting the special and sentimental day that it is. You can expect me to pin on boutonnieres, bustle the dress if need be, and provide music with my portable speaker during parts of the day. 

Your wedding day is something sacred & very special to me.


Designated hours of Coverage
Engagement Shoot
High-Res Online Gallery
Printing License

average investment is $4,500

Wedding Collections

I absolutely do! Yes, I’m based out of Minnesota, but I have the pleasure of documenting weddings in a variety of places and other states. If you would love for me to be your wedding photographer and you’re not a stone’s throw away, let’s talk about it!

Do you travel for weddings?

This is a fun one to answer. I primarily shoot on a Canon EOS R5, however, I also use some Fujifilm cameras as well as film cameras, too.

What kind of camera(s) do you use?

I absolutely do! Yes, I’m based out of Minnesota, but I have the pleasure of documenting weddings in a variety of places and other states. If you would love for me to be your wedding photographer and you’re not a stone’s throw away, let’s talk about it!

Do you travel for weddings?

My editing style is one that aims to be an emulation of the day with a slight enhancement. You chose your wedding colors, florals, and time of year with intention - I am going to edit in a way that preserves those conscious decisions.

How would you describe your editing style?

Sure I can. I really fancy the idea of journaling and candidly approaching your day, but that said, there are moments where you’ll likely desire my direction. I like to say that for much of the day I am just documenting, but when it comes to portraits and other more necessary times to direct, I’ll be doing exactly that. Being creative, finding unique lighting, and putting you two in situations to provide a one-of-kind image are things I enjoy.

Could you describe your photography style?

Your wish is my command. Have at it. If you want to see a complete gallery from another wedding, I’d be more than happy to facilitate that request. Every wedding is different, and each one has a different atmosphere - so I’ll likely show you more than just one.

What if we want to see a full gallery before choosing you?

Your gallery will be delivered online (currently through Pixieset), and will provide assistance on how to navigate through it. It’s very user-friendly, and will also allow you to share it with others if you choose to do so.

How will we get our images?

All my collections include: consultations, planning assistance, preferred vendors, online high-resolution gallery, and print license.

What do your collections include?


– Rachel & Luke

"I don't say this lightly and mean it exactly as I say it: Will is a genius behind the camera. Before working with him I certainly had the expectation that we would receive great photos, but what I imagined didn't even compare to the caliber and beauty that he delivered. The moments he captures are stunning, his presence and personality the day of are all class, and the comprehensive quality of his work is incredible from start to finish. I cannot recommend him highly enough: the decision to work with him will be a decision you're proud of for the rest of your life."

"Will is a genius behind the camera."

– Adrianna & Riley

"I was on the hunt for someone who captured real moments, had fun with it, and had a more simple, real, natural editing style. I came across Will’s page, via mutual friends on Instagram, and I LOVED his work.

Everyone was talking so highly of Will at the wedding. My friends and family kept asking where we found him because you were so respectful, kind, calm, and truly cared about us. His talent would have been enough for me to ask him to take pictures again, but now after our wedding day with him, his character speaks even louder."

"I remember overhearing him say he was here to serve and that speaks volumes as a photographer."

– Georgia & Shane

"Will’s quick response, flexibility, and style of work made for such an easy decision to work with him. We literally had everything we needed from him and the contract signed within 24 hours! It was so refreshing to work with someone so responsive and helpful! Everything moved so quickly for us that week, so I really appreciated his guidance and taking control of the whole process, making it super easy for us."

"It was so refreshing to work with someone so responsive and helpful!"

– Madi & Micah

“Will didn't just take pictures, he commanded the day and the pace, which was super helpful. He was good at working with the time constraints, while still capturing every moment we wanted. He was also VERY good at directing people. I love that he told us specific poses and was able to take charge in all situations, whether he was helping with the dress, tying bow ties, or pinning flowers, he went above and beyond our expectations for the wedding day!”


– Dani & Nick

"I loved his editing (coloring and poses/shapes/landscapes/whatnot) and depictions of the couples when I crept his Instagram. His style was EXACTLY what I was looking for. The colors were creamy and bright/light and a storytelling perspective. 

Overall, I would say Will’s strengths are his style/editing, capturing the moments and who we are, dedicated, timely, professional, creative, knowledge in knowing what works for lighting, posing, etc., and an overall great human!!!"

"What led us to ultimately book Will was his style and aesthetic."

– Sarah & Andrew

“We had an amazing engagement session with Will! He made us feel comfortable and at ease while taking our pictures. We will cherish these photos forever and are so thankful we chose Will to be our engagement and wedding photographer! As an added bonus our photos were returned to us within 48 hours which was the cherry on top :) Thank you so much, Will!!”


– Kellye & Trav

"We connected via IG looking for photographers for our wedding. But this chance encounter was anything but chance. We were unable to use Will for our wedding, but kept in touch. We’re so glad we did because we’ve gained a real friend oh & some bomb pictures!

I was nervous starting out (it’s not every day we do photo shoots ,especially with such a monumental backdrop), but his easy going demeanor made it no pressure. We walked, chatted , laughed and connected all while Will caught our moments & His tunes were on point. 

"Will is an excellent photographer. He caught shots & angles we didn’t know we had in us. Real cool guy."

– Emily & Micah

"Through our email communication, I started to see who he was as a person and began feeling incredibly confident that he was meant to be our photographer! I think it’s important that, as clients, we not only love the work and style, but find someone who makes us feel completely comfortable, is attentive, loves to have fun and try new things, and most importantly puts us first. Will did all of that and SO much more! :)"

"Will is so understanding, personable, and seems very dedicated and passionate. He left us feeling he wanted to put us first in all he did."

– Mac & Logan

“Will exceeds every expectation every time! Our entire family’s jaws hit the floor every time we receive photos back. Will captures every moment seamlessly, rolls with all the punches, and our photos truly feel like pieces of our very own art that we’ll treasure forever. Cannot recommend it enough!! Worth every single penny!”


– Taylor & Chris

"We are so grateful for Will and the services he provided us on our wedding day. Beyond capturing special moments throughout our day, he went over and beyond to make sure it ran smoothly and helped us keep calm. He truly has a servant’s heart, and we were recipients of that! So many of our family members and guests noticed as well!"

"he went over and beyond to make sure it ran smoothly and helped us keep calm."

– Liz & Keelan

“We loved working with Will! His patience and guidance allowed us to feel comfortable and at ease behind the camera. Will worked creatively with space, time, and resources in order to capture some beautiful photos that felt authentic and natural. It was an honor to work with Will, and we would love to work with him again in the future!”

"His patience and guidance allowed us to feel comfortable and at ease behind the camera."

– Kelly & Brett

"What ultimately led us to booking Will as a photographer... 1) He was recommended by Perry James. We know that he is an outstanding photographer and knowing that you came recommended by him was a huge plus. 2) He reached out to us right away and his email displayed friendly, energetic energy. 3) We loved Will’s candid photographs! He has a gift for capturing the moment without it being staged. His photographs are all beautiful, but it’s the candid photos that I loved most. 4) The first time I spoke with him on the phone, he was beyond kind, genuine, and displayed quiet, confidence, and faith. I appreciated his calmness and patience.

"We loved Will’s candid photographs! He has a gift for capturing the moment without it being staged. "

My start in photography was a two-fold beginning. First, I’d always loved the art, but never intentionally pursued it as a creator. Second, I was at a puzzling stage in life - liking what I was doing at the time, but each night wondering if there was a way I could love my vocation. If you couldn’t already tell, let me tell you, I am infatuated with what I ‘get’ to do.

Why did you start Photography?

Attentive, responsive, and comprehensive support throughout booking & through to receiving your wedding gallery.

What can I expect from you throughout the process?

Choosing me as your wedding photographer is something I don’t take lightly. It is first & foremost, a privilege. That is how I perceive every wedding I get to document. Yours is no different. I’m honored to be entrusted with this responsibility, and I am going to only give my all - from the moment you book, and for as long as you need.

What do you value about getting to work with couples?

So many things revolving around serving you. I’m always looking at my surroundings, eyeing up a potential photo opportunity. Also, I am always working to be a few steps ahead of schedule - not in regards to speeding up the day - but strategically placing myself in positions to capture a beautiful moment (i.e. during the father of the bride speech, making sure I have an angle of the bride as well as family - I love those moments).

What are you thinking about throughout the wedding day?

My hope is that you experience a great deal of support and hospitality. My aim is to serve from start to finish. I’m confident my photography, posing, and editing abilities are always growing & improving, but I want my customer service to never be less than perfect.

What will I experience working with you?

I believe I am your person.

If your interest is to hire a photographer who is going to cherish and revere your day whilst providing a supportive and fun atmosphere,